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How to identify the quality of uninterruptible power supply

 Ups news     |      2018-11-06 18:03

  In the face of a wide range of products on the market, how to choose, how to identify good or bad, is the primary consideration. Currently, enterprises, such as power plants, shopping malls, supermarkets, and banks, need to use uninterruptible power supplies. When identifying the type of power supply, a special measuring instrument is needed to ensure the accuracy of the identification results. At the same time, for the majority of users, it is necessary to clarify the specific identification methods.

  First, when UPS power is identified, it can be judged from the appearance. Mainly observe whether the appearance is deformed, whether there is bulging, whether there is leakage, whether it is broken or not, and whether there is oxide leakage at the screw joint.

uninterruptible power

  Second, using the on-board measurement method, by observing the appearance, in the absence of an abnormality, the UPS power supply operates under the battery mode and needs to carry a certain amount of load. If the discharge time is lower than the normal discharge time, and after charging for eight hours, the normal standby time cannot be restored, and it can be determined that the battery is in an aging state.

  Third, use a multimeter to measure, in the battery discharge mode to measure, mainly to measure the voltage in each battery terminal. If one or more of the battery terminals are higher than the nominal voltage, then battery aging needs to be considered.

  Fourth, in the mains mode, use a multimeter to measure. The charging voltage of each battery terminal in the battery pack is measured. If one or more of the battery charging voltages are significantly higher than other voltages, the battery aging can also be determined. In addition, when making a judgment, you can also use a multimeter to measure the total voltage of the battery pack.