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What are the methods for using uninterruptible power supplie

 Ups news     |      2018-12-06 17:43

  Whether in supermarkets, shopping malls, or in banks and other enterprises, you need to use uninterruptible power supplies. In the state of power failure, the power supply can be continuously provided to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise, better protect the equipment, and effectively prevent data loss. At present, there are many types of uninterruptible power supplies, and different types of power supplies have different performances, so the use thereof will naturally have certain differences. Especially when using an uninterruptible power supply, it is relatively important to specify the specific method of use.

  The best load for this type of uninterruptible power supply is a resistive load, and in the daily use, try not to connect an inductive load such as a motor or a high-power transformer. The starting current of an inductive load usually needs to reach about three times the rated current, which may cause the UPS power supply to be overloaded, which will affect the service life of the UPS power supply. Therefore, for the majority of users, it should be highly valued and taken seriously to ensure the normal operation of the UPS power supply.

  In the daily use process, after the UPS power supply is successfully turned on, each load should be turned on in the corresponding order. Never turn on the UPS power supply when the load power is turned on. At the same time, you should control the load of the UPS power supply, and do not run at full load. The main reason is that full load will seriously affect the service life of the power supply. Therefore, in this case, the load access should be considered in accordance with the power rating of the uninterruptible power supply of 70%.

  Of course, it should not be too light, because it will affect the service life of the UPS power supply when it is too light. Do not turn on the power frequently, and keep the power supply running for a long time.