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Ups power frequency control and protection technology

 Ups news     |      2018-12-12 09:35

  With the rapid development of the IT industry, high-end, intelligent equipment is used in the industrial field to promote the rapid development of the industrial field. In the daily use process, it should better protect high-end equipment and better protect equipment information security. To this end, people's wisdom has created a power-off protection data, equipment safety products ups power supply, to say that the use of UPS power supply, it has a voltage regulator, while providing power, it as an energy storage device, currently The corresponding application fields are very extensive, mainly used in supermarkets, shopping malls, banks and so on. At present, there are relatively many types of UPS power supplies sold in the market, mainly divided into ups power frequency, online UPS, rack power, backup power and other products.

UPS power supplies

  For this reason, for the majority of users, it is necessary to select the most suitable UPS power supply according to their actual needs, and then meet their own needs. Of course, when using this type of UPS power supply, the relevant control and protection techniques should be clarified. Because this is the only way to make UPS power-related performance work better. Then, what basic concepts need to be clarified is the problem that many people are more concerned about. In the case of normal utility power, it means that the mains voltage and the mains frequency are normal. The mains voltage is normal, mainly refers to the mains voltage between 160 and 280V. The mains inverter state is mainly that the mains input is normal and the UPS is working in the AC state.

  When the UPS power is turned on or the system is reset, it mainly includes overload release, automatic restart, etc., and should be turned on slowly, so that the CPU control slowly increases the inverter voltage. After the voltage chase is over, the inverter voltage has not been switched to the external output before the inverter voltage has been switched to the external output. In the case of normal power supply, the CPU controls the inverter voltage and should chase the mains input voltage.