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 Ups power supply industry ups program
       First, the demand analysis
       The power plant is a special production enterprise with a high degree of automation. The automated production equipment relies on the safe and stable operation of the power supply system. In modern power plants, the DCS control system of the generator set includes various thermal automation devices, such as automatic adjustment assembly instruments, steam turbine electro-hydraulic digital adjustment devices, boiler interlocking and safety monitoring systems FSSS, and turbine monitoring instruments (TSI). ), coordinated control system (CCS), lubricating oil pump system, hydrogen sealed oil and gas system, main thermal power, and accident lighting power system, etc., all need a reliable power supply, which requires power in the unit itself. When the power is interrupted or the power grid is faulty, the power supply should not be interrupted. This requires the power supply system not only to have an accidental power supply that can safely shut down the unit, but also to provide a high power quality for the control, monitoring device and post-accident status parameter recording device. Uninterrupted power supply AC uninterruptible power supply.
       In financial operations, UPS is mostly used for power assurance in the central transaction system, so there is a special need for capacity and reliability. The affairs of the bank's head office or provincial branch are mainly transaction processing, including data center, information center, clearing center, supervision center and other affairs planning, the use of hardware equipment, the effectiveness of the device, etc. for the heart, and mostly for large equipment, the importance Very high. This plan applies demand planning to customers of a bank's head office or provincial branch, and analyzes the system's role, characteristics, cost and other perspectives.
       Pre-construction preparation
       Before the equipment is installed, the construction of the equipment room of the equipment is well investigated. The customer should ensure that the necessary conditions for the construction of the equipment room, power supply, and ground wire are satisfactory. The conditions for the user's fashion satisfaction cannot be clearly presented to the user, and the user is required to give Solution and moments.
It is necessary for the construction technicians to have a basic understanding of the UPS electrical principle. Before the construction, the machine room equipment installation drawings and electrical wiring drawings are to be prepared for the next installation.
       Transportation is one of the most important industries in China's national economy. It is not only closely related to the implementation of the national economy and its supporting policies, but also related to people's lives. Up to now, the plan of Chengwen Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to major airports, railways, ports, highways and urban transportation in China. Following the acceleration of the informationization development of China's urban transportation industry, Chengwen Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will mobilize the four electric power generation of transportation operations to create a safe and secure operating environment.