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 Transportation is one of the most important industries in China's national economy. It is not only closely related to the implementation of the national economy and its supporting policies, but also related to people's lives. Up to now, the plan of Chengwen Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to major airports, railways, ports, highways and urban transportation in China. Following the acceleration of the informationization development of China's urban transportation industry, Chengwen Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will mobilize the four electric power generation of transportation operations to create a safe and secure operating environment.
First, the status quo of the operation
Expressway has high requirements for power supply reliability, and has features such as wide application planning, multiple load types, and messy operating environment. Some require redundant power supply methods, some require customary use of harsh environments, and some use gathers. Power supply or loose power supply method. Therefore, to do the power processing plan, we must make a reasonable power distribution planning plan according to the actual demand situation, such as the use of the environment and equipment.
Second, the operating environment, load characteristics description
UPS uninterruptible power supply is mainly used in toll stations and tunnel lighting and tunnel ventilation. The power demand is more than 10-30KVA, and the delay is generally about 2-4 hours.
Third, the skill processing plan
In the equipment caverns inside the tunnel, the space is relatively limited, the humidity is large, and there are many exhaust and dust in the car. Considering that many tunnels are located in the mountainous area, it is recommended to add a Class C lightning arrester at the UPS input point, the load is a tunnel lighting, and when the high-pressure sodium lamp with inductive ballast is used, the reactive power compensation device should be added, otherwise the power factor of the load is very low. The power of the UPS uninterruptible power supply is very large. Regarding the area with high humidity, in addition to the UPS uninterruptible power supply itself to strengthen the chassis protection and circuit board coating, it is recommended that the user equip the dehumidifier to ensure that the equipment warehouse has a more interesting humidity environment and the reliability of the UPS uninterruptible power supply. Toll station equipment mainly includes: computers, printers, electric railings, lighting, monitoring, signal lights, sensing equipment, etc. Authentic equipment mainly includes: high-pressure nano lamps, ventilation fans, etc.
According to the on-site characteristics of the expressway, after comprehensive analysis, we supply the corresponding treatment plan for the toll station and the tunnel equipment, and UPS selects the series of products of Chengwen Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
1. The charging station selects the power supply method of the mains and generator double backup:
Generator / Mains - Input Power Distribution Cabinet with ATS - External Protection Switch - UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - External Protection Switch - Output Distribution Cabinet - Toll Station
2. The power supply method for the single channel is selected:
Mains - External Protection Switch - UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - External Protection Switch - Authentic Lighting / Authentic Wind